#include < FTD INFOCOM PVT LTD >

/*Embedded Development Tools */
void main ()


LDRA; /*Testing Tool */
Percepio; /*RTOS Analysis*/
Imagix; /*Reverse Engineering*/ ROCKETS
Crank; /*GUI Development*/ SENSORS
Absint; /*Timing Analysis*/
Sysgo; /*Certifiable RTOS*/ Industry 4.0
Intel; /*HPC AI & IOT Tools*/
Polarion; /*Application Lifecycle Management*/


/*Mechanical Design & Simulation Tools*/

Simcenter STAR-CCM+; /*Multiphysics simulation tool*/
Simcenter FloEFD; CAD integrated CFD tool

/*Electrical Simulation Tools*/

/*MEMS Design Solutions*/     INTERFACES

/*Multiphysics Solutions*/

VizSuite; /*Plasma Simulation, Semiconduction Plasma, Spark Plug plasma*/
VSIM; /*Plasma Simulation, Microwave Device, Antenna, Plasma Acceleration*/
USIM; /*High Density Plasma Simulation*/

/*Certified ARM Training*/

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