Meet Your Power, Performance, Area, and Schedule Targets
Designs are getting bigger and more complex, making power and area usage critical components. It’s a tall engineering order to meet, made tougher with schedules that continue to shrink. How can you achieve your quality objectives without missing project milestones?

The Cadence® integrated full-flow digital solution offers massive parallelization that works to your advantage. Other point-tool-oriented flows create inefficiencies due to parallelism, with multiple bottlenecks between synthesis and implementation and between optimization and signoff. By using full-flow parallelism, Cadence avoids those bottlenecks, and provides a fast path to design closure and better predictability. Where traditional tools fall short, our solution has been developed to help you meet power, performance, and area (PPA) targets and deliver your products on time.

What’s more, when you tap into the integrated tool suite, you’ll be able to achieve much more powerful results.

  • Up to 20% better PPA
  • Up to 10X faster turnaround time and capacity gain
  • Full-flow timing and power correlation for better design convergence
  • Early signoff optimization for reduced iterations

Optimized for Advanced Nodes

Cadence developed its revolutionary full-flow digital toolset to address today’s FinFET and advanced-node FD-SOI design challenges at the creation, implementation, and signoff stages.

Key Benefits at Advanced Nodes

Massively parallel technology facilitates the handling of the large data size and complexity of advanced nodes
Comprehensive full-flow integrated toolset for design creation, implementation, and signoff, enabling faster convergence and design closure for advanced nodes
Unified digital architecture is based on a foundation of core common engines and full-flow optimizations, allowing rapid feature deployment for newer nodes