FTD Infocom collaborates with Imagix to help you analyze and improve your third-party source code.


We even help in analyzing control flow and detect any issues with the data usage as well as task interactions. Ever wanted to Reverse engineer the source code? We’ve Imagix 4D to fulfill the need. Imagix 4D is a tool for the software developers to understand the complex, third party or legacy source code. With Imagix 4D, we help document, analyze as well as improve legacy or third-party source code. A developer can easily understand any kind of the legacy code using this tool. The tool is presently available for C, C++ and Java developers. When it comes to documentation of a legacy code, we can use the Imagix 4D for an easier approach to reverse engineering and document the required code. A developer can also improve a complex code by just analyzing using the tool. The Imagix 4D has also provided the developer a chance to automate the analysis of control flow and dependencies of the code. The main motto of Imagix 4D is to increase productivity, improve the quality of code and to reduce the risk.

Source Code Analysis

Reverse engineering and visualization of software lead to improved comprehension of your source code.

  • Learning Unfamiliar Code
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Integration of Open Source
  • Maintaining Legacy Software

Static Analysis & Metrics

Quality checks identify issues in concurrency, multitasking and variable usage. And software metrics assess code quality.

  • Code Reliability and Quality
  • Verification of Thread Safety
  • Software Security Initiatives
  • Compliance with CWE Rules

Delta Analysis

Graphs and reports show the structural differences between source code versions and branches. These enable meaningful analysis of software changes.

  • Test Case Development
  • Change Impact Review
  • Software Customization

Code Review

Software reviews using guided checklists systematically confirm software changes or check and document compliance with software standards.

  • Peer Code Review
  • Inspection of Changed Code
  • Generation of Audit Trail
  • Review Process Management

Automated Documentation

Generation of software document and export of graphs including UML Diagrams ensure accurate, current, and informative design documents.

  • Peer Code Reviews
  • Delivering Design Docs
  • Problem and Impact Reports
  • Software Archiving