Opcenter Execution

Orchestrate complete visibility, control and optimization of production and processes across your enterprise with our manufacturing execution systems (MES) family of products.

Meet your MES needs with Opcenter Execution

Opcenter Execution MES products optimize manufacturing operations, accurately reflecting design, engineering and process data in the production of actual finished products.

Minimize time to delivery

Deliver the comprehensive digital twin to the factory floor, accelerating production by digitally linking enterprise systems with automated manufacturing equipment.

Maximize production efficiencies

Cut through the complexities of today’s products and production processes to ensure products are built as planned, on time and cost efficiently.

Improve resource utilization

Ensure that floor personnel, raw materials, supplied components and works-in-progress are in the right place at the right time to accelerate production processes.




Danfoss’ digital journey and strategic approach to MES

  • Company: Danfoss
  • Industry: Industrial machinery
  • Location: Nordberg, Denmark
  • Siemens Software: Opcenter APS

Opcenter Execution MES key benefits

Optimized sequencing

Opcenter Execution achieves significant cycle time reductions by determining and implementing the most efficient production sequencing. The MES also synchronizes production processes across the supply chain to optimize production execution.

Resource allocation and control

Our MES solutions manage all relevant resources for manufacturing operations. They also manage and track the movement and storage of materials, in-process items and finished products, as well as the transfers between and within work centers. These capabilities improve resource utilization and minimize waste.

Production tracking

Opcenter Execution tracks and traces the status of production and disposition of work, including demonstration and documentation of regulatory and quality requirements. MES functionality enables forward and backward traceability of components and their use within each end product.

Equipment and personnel performance

Our manufacturing execution solutions track resource usage based on elapsed usage time and production quantities, and ensure that production does not outpace maintenance requirements. They also track personnel training and certification requirements and orchestrate work assignments in a way that optimizes labor productivity.

Performance analysis

Opcenter Execution systems provide up-to-the-minute reporting of actual manufacturing operations and compare historical and expected results. Real-time feedback enables rapid identification and resolution of manufacturing issues.

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