Percepio Tracealyzer reveals what is actually going on in embedded software at runtime. Trace your software’s real-time behavior, gain valuable insight with advanced visualization and power up your debugging. No special hardware is required. Stop guessing and boost your productivity!

This is state-of-the-art visualization designed to make traces much easier to understand. The visualization actually understands the meaning of the most RTOS events and performs advanced analyses to improve the visualization by connecting related events and views. This makes it much easier to draw conclusions from the data, understand the problem and verify the solution

Tracealyzer can be used side-by-side with traditional debuggers, such as IAR, Keil or Eclipse tools, and complements the detailed debugger view with several additional views on system level, ideal for understanding real-time issues where a classic debugger is not sufficient. For instance, in real-time systems such as motor control, it is often not possible to stop the system for debugging. By using software tracing, you can record your embedded software and any variables of interest in real time as the system executes.

Tracealyzer runs on Windows and Linux hosts and is available for target systems running Linux, Amazon FreeRTOS, Arm Keil RTX5, Micrium µC/OS-III, Wittenstein OpenRTOS and SafeRTOS, ThreadX, Wind River VxWorks, On Time RTOS-32, and Quadros RTXC.

Trace Visualization


Benefits of Trace Visualization