SEER® products offer Knowledge Based Estimation to support project planning and execution. These tools enable organizations to establish a clear understanding through every stage of a project by helping to manage expectations and ensure a project stays on budget and on schedule.



The impact of IT solutions in today’s global economy are far-reaching and incredibly complex.

Understanding every facet of an IT solution from planning, design, execution, operations and ongoing support is critical to successfully implementing and managing an organization’s IT needs. SEER-IT gives organizations across the business spectrum the insight and knowledge they need to ensure the technological success of their proposed IT solutions from start to finish.


Understand the cost benefits of cloud versus on-premise

Show the cost differences, benefits and risks of moving to the cloud and staying on the cloud as well as the trade-offs from various cloud alternatives

Avoid operations cost surprises

Operations costs can dwarf development or project costs. Understand what you are getting into and where you can optimize so true costs are understood and manageable.

Evaluate the costs of managed services

Offer or purchase IT managed services with confidence, knowing the fair price.

seer software


Estimating, planning, analyzing and managing complex software projects feels like trailblazing through a dense jungle without a map. SEER-SEM can provide a clear picture of what lies ahead for traditional or Agile software development.


Reduce uncertainty with accurate forecasts

Forecast real-world outcomes by estimating software project costs, schedule, effort, reliability, and risk. Tailor to your organization’s processes, technologies and methods while learning from past experience.

Lead the project with detailed, achievable project plans

Produce credible and defendable cost and schedule estimates equipped with industry data to produce actionable project plans to drive the project to completion.

See around the curves for superior project monitoring and control

Gain foresight of development drivers such as defect discovery and removal rates and scope creep to become transparent, predictable, and manageable.

Boost confidence with verifiable reasonableness

Capture benchmark data and apply it at any level to make estimates for each new project more accurate than the last.

seer manufaturing


The viability of most manufactured products ultimately rests in the decisions and sourcing that go into their creation. Without an in-depth understanding of the time, resource and cost variables, a product that could be the next great thing, could fail to even make it to market. SEER-MFG is designed to help organizations wrap their arms around these variables and understand the viability of a product in a matter of minutes instead of waiting until it’s too late.


Change your corporate culture to total cost thinking

Put cost into focus and start thinking more about payback, return on investment and other profit goals. See profits increase, time to market decease, and ensure the right decisions are made for the right reasons.

Determine cost directly from 3d cad models

Revolutionize your development, manufacturing, engineering and supply chain effectiveness.

Determine costs from 2d drawings

Provide viable estimates with just 2D drawings or other sources.

Directly input project information to quantify cost

Describe the part, its requirements, constraints, and uncertainty. See how SEER-MFG quantifies costs, risks and improvement opportunities.